Circular PC Enclosure

99% less CO2 emissions with BioPanel sheet material than with sheet steel

Client: Hempstudio for Coolermaster

The question: Develop a biobased PC enclosure. Try to make as many parts of the enclosure circular, preferably biodegradable. We have taken on this challenge in close cooperation with Ralph Dost. In addition, we have tried to make all parts of the PC enclosure more environmentally friendly.

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Apart from a few screws, the cabinet is completely circular and biodegradable. 95% of the cabinet consists of BioPanel. With this enclosure, 99% CO2 is reduced compared to a regular PC enclosure.

About BioPanel

BioPanel is a sustainable, circular and biodegradable plastic sheet material that is suitable for many different applications. BioPanel consists of 100% biobased materials with components such as industrial hemp and a thermoplastic biopolymer of lactic acid (PLA). These are rapidly renewable vegetable raw materials, which can largely be produced locally. The production of BioPanel results in up to 99% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional materials. In addition, the use of BioPanel prevents residual waste.