BioPanel board material is lightweight, strong and durable

BioPanel is brown in colour and derives this natural colour from the components Hemp and PLA, making the panel 100% bio-based. The panel is available in various thicknesses and standard sizes, and can also be custom-made. BioPanel sheet material is lightweight and comparable in strength to conventional HPL panels. The durability of BioPanel depends on the specific application.For signing purposes we guarantee a durability of at least 10 years for outdoor applications.

BioPanel board material is available in several thicknesses and formats

BioPanel sheet material is available in thicknesses from 2 mm to 6 mm. As standard we have 3 and 6 mm in stock. The standard size of the sheet material is 2040x1020mm. Naturally, the panel material can be supplied in customised sizes. For this purpose, we mill or saw the BioPanel sheet. , Laser cutting is also one of the options. The weight of a 3 mm square metre is 3.8 kg and the strength of the sheet material is comparable to usual HPL panels.

BioPanel is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

BioPanel was originally developed as a sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative sheet material for outdoor and indoor signing applications, such as signage, route markings, (traffic) signs and information panels. Aluminium, HPL or DIBond is now often chosen for these applications, however they are not sustainable. In the production of BioPanel no fossil materials are used, only rapidly renewable vegetable materials. The production takes place at lower temperatures, which means less energy is needed. Besides signing, there are many other possible applications for BioPanel. For example in the  use in construction building or furniture.

To be provided with a PVC-free sign face for signing purposes

For signing purposes, we ideally provide BioPanel with a PVC-free sign face from Com2C or 3M for environmental reasons. A full-colour print can be applied to this, after which the print is provided with a PVC-free protective laminate. Of course, other signfaces can also be applied to BioPanel sheet material. BioPanel is also directly printable, however these inks are not yet biodegradable.  In time, we would like to move forwards towards BioPanel also being printable directly with biodegradable  ink, but this is currently still in the research phase.  

BioPanel board material is recyclable and biodegradable

At the end of BioPanel’s use or lifetime, we are happy to take the sheet material back. BioPanel then undergoes recycling or upcycling in which the panel can return at least in the same form, but also in other forms. For example by processing into new BioPanel sheet material. In addition, BioPanel sheet material can be industrially composted. So the use of BioPanel prevents residual waste.

The advantages of BioPanel

  • BioPanel consists entirely of rapidly renewable plant-based materials.
  • BioPanel emits up to 99% less CO2 than its alternatives.
  • BioPanel is strong, relatively light and does not lose properties in outdoor applications.
  • BioPanel has a durability of at least 10 years.
  • BioPanel is recyclable and biodegradable. This prevents residual waste.

Receive a free BioPanel sample?

We can imagine that you would like to get your hands on BioPanel to determine whether the material could be something for you. Therefore, request a free BioPanel sample without any obligation!