Laserprocessing of BioPanel by Snijlab

Cool products with minimal CO2 footprint and biodegradable

Partner(s): Snijlab

Snijlab makes laser cutting quick and easy. At Snijlab, you can have all your plastic and wooden parts up to 1200×600 mm laser cut. These can be single pieces, models or prototypes, as well as serial work. This way, Snijlab serves industry, students, the creative sector and anyone else who wants to have something laser cut.


Can you machine BioPanel with laser? Snijlab successfully got to work with it! By means of laser cutting and laser engraving, this Brikkon tree, photo stand, desk organiser and test plate with various engravings were created, among others. 100% bio-based, with a minimal CO2 footprint and biodegradable! The results show that there are many interesting possibilities for our eco-friendly sheet material outside signing as well.


Snijlab created several e BioPanel creations by laser processing.

In doing so, they showed iinteresting new applications for BioPanel.

The results are 100% biobased, have a minimal carbon footprint and are biodegradable.

Over BioPanel

BioPanel is a sustainable, circular and biodegradable plastic sheet material that is suitable for many different applications. BioPanel consists of 100% biobased materials with components such as industrial hemp and a thermoplastic biopolymer of lactic acid (PLA). These are rapidly renewable vegetable raw materials, which can largely be produced locally. The production of BioPanel results in up to 99% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional materials. In addition, the use of BioPanel prevents residual waste.