BioPanel route markings hiking network Rijn- and Veenstreek

99% less CO2 emissions with BioPanel sheet material than with aluminium

Client: Municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn

From a sustainability and circularity perspective, the Rijn- en Veenstreek walking network within the Municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn has now been equipped with route markings made of BioPanel sheet material. BioPanel is a bio-based plastic made entirely of renewable, plant-based raw materials. The information panels have extremely low CO2 emissions, are fully recyclable and biodegradable at the end of their life. The signing is also environmentally friendly. The BioPanel sheet material is coated with a PVC-free sign face onto which a full-colour print is applied, after which the print is coated with a PVC-free protective laminate. Printing on a PVC-free foil is much more environmentally friendly than, for example, a screen printing method.   


The shields marking the routes of the walking network are made of BioPanel.

Each BioPanel shield reduces 99% CO2 gereduceerd compared to an aluminium shield.

About BioPanel

BioPanel is a sustainable, circular and biodegradable plastic sheet material that is suitable for many different applications. BioPanel consists of 100% biobased materials with components such as industrial hemp and a thermoplastic biopolymer of lactic acid (PLA). These are rapidly renewable vegetable raw materials, which can largely be produced locally. The production of BioPanel results in up to 99% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional materials. In addition, the use of BioPanel prevents residual waste.